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Klassenausflug buchen

Viel Spaß in den Bäumen

Hello, teachers and pupils!

You'd like your class to come here for a school trip? What a great idea!

Your teachers can simply sign you up with us. It's easily done through our online booking form.

As a school class, you'll benefit from special ticket prices – only €16 pp.

Your class will be given a safety briefing by our trainers, including how to fit your harness and helmet. Helmets are mandatory here.

As soon as you've been briefed on our continual belay system and other important rules, you'll be off, high into the trees.

To guarantee a stress-free start to your visit, we ask teachers/accompanying adults to bring the declarations of consent (forms below) already filled out and to collect the entrance fee from their pupils in advance. That way you'll speed through the ticket office and the fun can begin.

One important point to remember: the courses have minimum height requirements: Courses 1 + 2 can be climbed by anyone 110cm or taller, courses 3 + 4, 130 cm or taller, courses 5 + 6, 140cm or taller and courses 7 + 8, 160cm or taller.

We look forward to your visit!

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