You can use the park for 2.5 hours starting from the beginning of the safety briefing. The time spent actually climbing is usually 2 hours. Then it's time for the next climbers to take over.

Yes, please book in advance here.

Here in short form our corona-related hygiene concept:

- The number of guests is reduced.

- Wearing gloves is mandatory. If you don't bring any, you can buy them at Kletterwald Hamburg’s for 3,- €.

- Please bring your own mouth protection. It is not necessary during climbing, but it is necessary during the briefing.

- Please keep a distance of 1.5 m from others.

- No more instruction in larger groups.

- Non-contact instruction.

- The forest playground is open again.

- It is currently not necessary to show a negative corona test.

Are you over ten years old? If so, you can come alone or with friends without an adult. Please have your parents fill out the declaration of consent – to be found here at home before you come, and simply bring it with you.
If you are under 10 years old, then you absolutely must bring an adult to supervise you.

For your own safety, you are only allowed to wear closed-toe shoes for climbing. If you are wearing flipflops or sandals or shoes with a heel, then we won't be able to let you up into the trees. Choose your clothes according to the weather – but not too warm, as you'll be exerting yourself.

Your height determines which of the courses you can use. The minimum height for courses 1 and 2 is 110 cm. You can tackle course 3 and 4 if you are 130cm or taller, courses 5 and 6 if you are 140cm or taller and courses 7 and 8 if you are 160cm or taller.

Children can climb from the age of 5, provided they are 110cm or taller. The smallest children can do courses 1 and 2, and if they are over 130cm tall, then course 3 too.

Thanks to our continual belay safety system, which doesn't require any detaching or reattaching, it's really easy and safe for them.

In a storm or heavy rain we have to close the Kletterwalf for safety reasons. Drizzle and showers don't have make much difference, as the tree canopy offers pretty good protection.

You can find out if we are open or not from the home page of our website. We will post a message there if we are forced to close the Kletterwald because of bad weather conditions.

Accompanying persons that don't climb don't have to pay an entrance fee. You can keep your feet firmly on the ground while you watch your colleagues and friends from the path and cheer them on. However, please keep to the paths (which are clearly marked) and don't wander through the forest at will.

It is neither possible nor necessary to book a dedicated trainer for your group. Our trainers and rescue teams watch over the whole forest and are there to look after you. In any case, you'll be given a detailed briefing before you start.

The maximum that you can weigh is 130 kg.
Yes, you can pay in cash or with an EC debit card or a credit card.

You can cancel your reservation a day in advance and receive one or more vouchers for another day. It is also possible to transfer to our partner company Indoo Park. In this case, the Indoo admissions will be charged with the value of the vouchers. Remaining credits remain as a Kletterwald voucher.

Only for birthdays with booked menus, we will reserve a table.

Auf dem Gutschein steht ein Rabatt-Code, den du bei der Bezahlung eintragen kannst. Bei alten Gutscheinen, die vor dem 1. Mai 2021 ausgestellt wurden, schreibe uns bitte eine Email an