Buche hier deinen Geburtstag!

You'd like to celebrate your birthday with your friends in the Kletterwald? No problem. Simply sign up for yourself and your friends via our booking system and the party can begin.

First, you'll receive full instructions on our safety system. We'll show you how to fit your harness and how to behave in the trees. Then, with your helmet firmly secured, it's up into the trees with you.

The courses are set at different heights off the ground and you can try and conquer them for two hours.

For your forest floor celebration we can arrange to have a snack ready for you on request. You can decide between either a muffin menu or a pretzel menu, both including a soft drink.

You can tell us how many of each menu you'd like when you book – the pretzel menu and the muffin menu cost €4.50 each. For every menu booked, we will reserve a place for you in the forest cabin.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Please print out the declaration of consent form, which is ready for you to download here, and have it signed by your parents. All your guests will need to have consent from their parents too.